About me

I am a PhD student at The University of St Andrews where I work with Dr. Patrick Greenough and am a member of Arché. I also worked with Prof. Joelle Proust at Institut Jean Nicod (CNRS, ENS/EHESS, Paris) in 2016-17. My PhD research has been funded by SASP, Arché (travel bursaries) and the Royal Institute of Philosophy. 

I currently work on understanding the relationship between believing and propositionally imagining. I am particularly interested in how it impacts our understanding of: beliefs, imaginings,  imagination's contribution to knowledge, motivation, and how to solve the paradox of fiction. 

I also have draft papers, which I have presented at various conferences/workshops on:

* Sarah-Jane Leslie's proposal to address prejudice via our use of generics.

* Memory's relationship with imagination.

* How fiction contributes to the development of the Counterfactual Imagination. 

* How to account for pretence . 

My training prior to the PhD mainly focused on Philosophy of Mind, Logic and Philosophy of Language, and to a lesser extent (Meta-)Ethics.  

As an undergraduate I was particularly interested in the self and indexicality. I worked on these topics respectively with Dr. Simon Prosser (during an URIP research internship funded by the University of St Andrews); and Dr. Derek Ball & Dr. Ephraim Glick (for my final year dissertation evaluating David Lewis' argument that attitudes de dicto are essentially de se) which  was awarded the Gray Prize for best undergraduate dissertation in Philosophy at St Andrews. 

My MLitt with SASP, funded by The Philosophical Quarterly, allowed me to develop other interests, such as how best to answer the normative question (why should we obey moral laws and consequently, what is the best theory of morality?) and I wrote my MLitt dissertation (with Distinction), supervised by Prof. Sarah Broadie, on Christine Korsgaard's thesis that ties morality's ruling to the constitution of our selves.